The Long Kiss

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The Long Kiss

[ ]

I was a boy, standing infront of you,

asking you to forgive me..


[ ]

Please don’t leave life like this

When it rains i will walk with you

Don’t leave me like this

We don’t need this

This is nothing but, we can figure it out

And why do we have to pretend anymore


I was a boy, standing infront of you,

asking you to forgive me..


[ ]

Please don’t leave life like this

When it is cold, i will zip coffee with you

Don’t leave me like this

We don’t need this

This is nothing but, we can figure it out

And why do we have to pretend anymore


[ ]

I remember this, when we were young

When the breeze came back,

When the sky turned blue..

We figured it out at last..

We had our longest kiss ever, holding you beside

I love your curly locks

I still remeber this..


I was the boy, standing in-front of you,

asking you to forgive me, that night..

And you did.


I still remember this

And i love your curly locks


[ END]



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Super Girl

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Super Girl

That was a full moon night,

the moon was bigger than ever

That was a perfect night,

where the stars swept the whole show


I see lovers lay romantically in the beach

The city was sleeping far way, deep and tight


I cannot sleep on a full moon night,

as if on a spell like that

But lesser did i knew

some eyes were also watching the darkness, more



When the dimensions change,

and earth pull moon closer than ever,

causing all the strings to break

And city will be deep in sleep forever, jeopardizing lives.


Some eyes were also watching the darkness, more

She will pull back all the strings to save the night

She is the SuperGirl, SuperGirl…..

She is the SuperGirl, SuperGirl…..


She is my SuperGirl….oh yes!


I watch my SuperGirl fly by

She got a busy hour tonight

She got a busy hour tonight

She gotta pull the strings back


She dropped in my lap that night

drained of energy

She had a busy hour that night

I watch her sleep in my lap



She is the SuperGirl, SuperGirl…..

She is the SuperGirl, SuperGirl…..

Hanging in my heart on a full moon night

She is my SuperGirl….oh yes!


I know we will be safe always

Coz, she is out there when the city sleeps

Pulling back the strings together

She is my SuperGirl…SuperGirl


I always see her fly by

having busy nights

But i like watching her sleep in my lap

She is my SuperGirl, SuperGirl..

Hanging in the strings of my heart


~AJ (thats me)



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Grumpy : This weekend

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Since when i joined the new office, i have to travel a lot (the one thing i hate doing on weekdays). So by weekend i will be damn tired  because of travelling so much and walking up early morning and having a half sleep in the office bus. So basically i had to make use of the elapsed time i lost in the bus.So i scheduled a movie per day on bus while travelling back to home.That was fun.I even wrote 4 songs on the way. I have put the initial draft on my FB Notes. I plan to write a series by Feb. I haven’t been to drawing class for 2 weeks. I was just waiting for the weekend to happen. So i formulated the plans for weekend.


Watch Fringe S03 E09

Painting class

Buy books from LandMark BookShop

Evening Walk

Finish “Sparkling Cyanide”



Grocery shoping

Cooking Fish

Painting some potraits

Evening Walk

Watch Vampire Diaries S02 E11

Watch Social NEtwork and Legend of the Guardians


And i between, i will sleep a lot 🙂

Again new monday. Fresh start fresh challenges…and a sweet wait for the next weekend.



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Making **OLGA**

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This the olga i did :o)

Making of Olga


Grumpy :o)

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My Bloody Valentine

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This what i did the last weekend. This marks my beginning with color pencils.

My Bloody Valentine

Hope you guys like it :p

Working on another  drawing, i’ll be right back


The secret of blue rose

Blue RoseBlue Rose

The Blue Rose is a kind of rose that is bred by hybridization. The blue rose does not exist as such because the flower rose lacks the gene pigment that produces true blue color. Artificially pigmented white roses were used instead .However work is being done to produce genetically modified blue roses.Genetically modified blue roses are available in the market today.

The Blue Rose stands as a symbol of  Hope. In some cultures especially Chinese;  they are believed to give the owner youth or grant impossible wishes. In Chinese folklore, the blue rose signifies Hope against Unattainable Love/attaining the impossible, or never ending quest for the impossible.


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In Search of my Blue Rose

“So..umm, where am i..ahh..who are this somekind of a dream, this place doesn’t look familiar to me”

The girl infront of me is in a long white gown with a striking figure.Her golden hair was flowing in the currents.Her eyes were so clear and the surroundings seemed like diffused into the infinity.She smiled but i felt that she is about to cry.

“Yes it is, this is indeed your dream”

“I am Elisha. I am from faraway place that you don’t know. Today i completed my quest and i will be set free.I should be leaving by now and i am not supposed to be talking to you”

“Ohh..wait..wait. Do i Know you? Do i look familiar to you? You must be from the conference that happened the other day “

She looked into my eyes.

” I need to go. But before i leave i need to tell you something , which i shouldn’t because all Elishas were restricetd to keep this to themselves.But i am not like any of them now. I have changed”

My initial dizzines slowly dissolved and i regained myself. I felt much stronger and healthy.

“Then why are you telling me”

“Because i am infected by human love and now i am in love  with you” and she cried

“Look , i am sorry..but i am a man already in love”.This is not new for me. But Anna is only girl in my life.She is my soulmate.

She broke in.

“I know. All Elishas have to travel through human dreams to search and find the perfect dream for themselves.That person will be their true one. When they find their perfect one they should wake them up the in their dream. Doing so will make an Elisha’s mission for life is complete and they are free to dissolve into the great soul. For that Elishas has to tarvel through human dreams for millions of years to find the perfect one, their soulmates. When an Elisha set out for their quest they only have one thing in their mind to seek their soulmate and transform all the wisdom they gained in the quest to their soulmate to become complete. But somewhere in the quest i mingled with the emotions of humans and i witnessed the great love of humans. Even-though i am not allowed to understand any of the dreams, i did so not knowing why.Our world is also full of mysteries like yours. When an Elisha finds her soulmate, unlike humans they need to leave the same moment. All of our quest for the millions of years of solitude has transformed into a moment long perfect joy of being with our soulmate.The next moment we are separated. When we find out our soulmate , we need to wake them up in their dream and give all the wisdom that we have acquired all along the way and it will guide and protect our soulmates. Elishas will never feel any loss of pain, because this is the way of Elisha’s from the beginning of time.But I understood that the human love is different. When you find your soulmate, you are destained to be together for life to become complete and share the wisdom.I shoudn’t have understood human love in first place. Here i am standing infront of you with full of pain in me. I want to stay here as i love you. But I can’t.When an Elisha leaves and dissolves in the greater soul, the wisdom they leave will shine in their soulmate’s cognizant and in earth you will get enlighted to see the special light in your soulmates eyes sparkling”

” I must go on. I need to reach there before initiation and i have to return your state of sleep also”

” Wait..but i am sorry”

” This in not your fault dear, you are my soulmate”, she came closer and kissed my eyes. Her feeling was so intense that her body couldn’t contain it.She cried like a baby.
“I missed you very much.My quest had only one hope.In my whole life , i was searching for you.I am incomplete without you”

I felt so sorry for her.She dissolved into the infinity. I don’t remember anything after that.

I woke up 7.20 in the morning.After a long time i felt so happy. I wanted to talk to Anna, to say that how much she means to me and to tell her that i would like to have the lunch together.But, we had a problem. I and Anna broke up last week over an immature issue on her obsession with coffee. It started with coffee and all day the talk went like cats n dogs. We shouted so mean to each other and since then we never talked or texted. The whole week was very painful for me, i guess for her too.But today , i wanted to say her sorry that i love her more than anything. I felt a greater urge to see her right then. I texted her to meet me at Starbucks near Phoenix Tower at 11 as i know that she will be still sleeping and don’t wanted to disturb her by calling.

I got a reply around 9. Just a simple :o). By then i was already in the bus.I reached half an hour earlier and was waiting for her to join. She came sharp at 11. Girls are perfect on timing.As i saw her, she smiled. But i knew she was about to cry.

“I am sorry”

” This in not your fault dear, you are my soulmate”, she came closer and kissed my eyes. She then cried like a baby.
“I missed you very much.My quest had only one hope.In my whole life , i was searching for you.I am incomplete without you” and put her arms around me tightly.

Nothing else mattered at that moment. When i looked into her eyes, it was sparkling with light, like i never saw before. I felt her greater love for me.I almost felt like a deja vu.

“Umm…did u say this to me anytime”

” You fool, a girl can say this only once in her lifetime”

“,i am serious. I felt like you have told this before”

“OK. Dream boy…lets leave that”

I knelt down and holded the blue rose to her “Be mine always, you are my soulmate”

“Aaahh…nobody ever would have presented this flower. Thats a surprise.How did  ever knew that I loved blue roses. I love you. I am all your’s” ,still wiping her tears.

“Can we have our coffee”

“I thought you hate coffee”

“Well, lets start a new beginning.Lets start with something you love”

“You don’t have to do this honey..this coffee thing”

“Let this be a symbol of our love”

“OK, just as you wish” .She smiled in almost disbelief.

” I had a dream yesterday it seems…well i don’t properly remember”

“What kind of dream”

“Like I was in bed with another women”

“What? I will kill you”

“Just kidding…lets go for the coffee”

I holded her hand and as we walked along our path, she kissed me.I felt like I am complete and I understood that all our quest will turn into a meaningful answers when we find our soulmate.Now all our journey will be together.Me and Anna.


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From a fellow blogger

This from an anonymous fellow blogger , i am stickin’ it here without the person’s permission..

Sometimes you don’t know how you just fall in love… You don’t care , you don’t think , you can’t control, you can’t help. You know it means nothing…. still it means everything. Just can’t think about anything else or anything at all but that feeling.. you know its wrong n never ever gonna work n dat you should make it go away somehow….. but you just cant help.Sometimes its just not meant to be!!!.

I had a great feeling after reading this small piece. I could be true to somebody or may be won’t fit-into-place for others. I guess true love is when you lose control over the things which were thought to be of greatest possessions and that actually starts making sense… :p


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Should i choose Python to learn programing?

June 13, 2010 1 comment

I bet you, if you use python you will find that you already had a more strong love for programming. But how much of programing instincts are there already in you, before you choosing the first language

I pulled out this from Dave who is very high on the Python List I follow

“Mainly, it depends on what your goal is.
So tell us about your goals. Abstract knowledge, console utilities, gui
development, games, web development, networking communication, …

Next, you might want to evaluate what you already know. There are a lot of
non-programming things that a programmer needs to understand. If you
already know many of them, that’s a big head start. If you already know how
to administer a Linux system, you’re already a programmer and didn’t know
it. If you write complex formulas for Excel, you’re a programmer. If you
already know modus ponens, and understand what a contrapositive is, you’ve
got a head start towards logic (neither is a programming subject, just a
start towards logical thinking). If you’ve worked on a large document, and
kept backups of incremental versions, so you could rework the current
version based on earlier ones, that’s a plus. If you know why a file’s
timestamp might change when you copy it from hard disk to a USB drive and
back again, you’ve got a head start. If you know why it might have a
different timestamp when you look at it six months from now without changing
it, you’ve got a head start.

If you’re using Windows and never used a command prompt, you have a ways to
go. If you don’t know what a file really is, or how directories are
organized, you have a ways to go. And if you think a computer is
intelligent, you have a long way to go.

Python is a powerful tool. But if you’re totally new to programming, it can
also be daunting. And most people have no idea how easy some programs are,
nor how hard some other programs are, to build “.

So, you wanna go Python ?
Happy hacking.

I’ll be right back

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Hello world!

November 9, 2009 1 comment

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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